Split 2019 w/ Ghostblade

by Self Esteem, Ghostblade

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Ghostblade's side of the split is available on their page!


released May 18, 2019

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Homeless Records (Marseille, France)
Artwork by Francois Allaire (Ghostblade)


all rights reserved



Self Esteem Lyon, France

Hardcore band from Lyon, France

Drums : Pierre
Bass : Kawa
Guitar : Tristan
Guitar : Quentin
Vocals : Flo

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Track Name: Most of that brain is Dark
Why am I here? So dark, so frightening!
I can't move forward!
Tormented by fear!

I scream, I shout my pain!
Seeking lights is my daily burden!

I've become obsessed with this deep feeling of hate and anger!

Snuggled up in a vulgar past!
Everyday, I put up with deep bad temper!

So black, so dark ! Her piercing look of anger caresses my face!

Cold as death! Fear invades me, I flee it!
Encrusted as a spot! A putrid smell wafts!

Most of that brain is dark!

She corrupts my soul/fuck you bitch!
Ton be deep in the hole is her desire! Never! Go fuck yourself you bitch!
Track Name: Uroboros
Smile of despair, tortured mind 
Questions, answers, answers, question
What if there's no solution
Solution ? Can't wait for solution
Is solution an end ?

A reflection on the water
An illusion of the soul, mind and life 
Questions, answers, answers, question
Finally who are you, who am I ?
Do I need to be here

There's nothing to do here 
See the smoke vanishing in the sunrise
Dancing with my eyes
His eyes. His mind. His mind ?
A reflection on the water
I am the reflection 
Who lived 
Goodbye. Sunrise. Who are you ?
Track Name: Human Love
Human what are you?
Peaple who can't take care of what we're given?
A wonderful planet with its splendid landscapes and for some magical.
It's lands and trees with plastic.
Its oceans coloured with oil and a beautiful sky blazing with pollution
Huge thanks to you! You, known for having magnificent resources to destroy, and making them sordid ones.
Thanks again for taking such good care of these animals, by thousands, you have no respect!
On your couch facing your lil screen, making yourself brain dead with these reality shows - you might wake up one day contaminated with all you've ruined - I hope!
HUMAN, the word 'shit' is not even appropriate as it comes out of your ass you sad cunt!
Ruining everything is what you do best!
Do you know the word 'hate'?
This is what I've felt since I was born! I am not at peace!
These few examples are too little
A bullet in everyone's head should help this world become better!
Human I love you!
Track Name: Satya (ft. Tito Surge Of Fury)
Step by step, the void settles in
Jaws crackling, is this the end ?
Blurred pictures, dusted memories
Farewell. Am I touching your hand ?
Hold your breath, do you want to be here ?
The sunset cries for your pain
We've made it, the "nothing" is happening
I thought I knew, I've seen it all
Free us from addiction, from salvation, crumbling our bones
This is all for nothing, every time you wish for a better end, nothing's happening
We've made it, selfishness is the guilty one
Men's hearts fed by loneliness grows in cruelty
Wishing for better days
Pain is the mark of living people,(so) why am I so painless?

Truth is, the world already collapses for you
No escape for the selfish one, no pity for the good one,
at least the void is impartial, quarter the mind
From dust to dust, make it crush into one.

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